The Event

This second collaboration between the RCA Helen Hamlyn Centre, the RCA's Department of Architecture and the Megaman Charity Trust Fund has brought to light some interesting results. Building on the findings of the previous study: 'Light Volumes and Dark Matters' (2008/10), the findings of the two year project: 'In the Shade: Lighting Urban Communities' will be launched at the Urban Spirit of Light seminar at the Royal College of Art on the 25th of September.

'In the Shade: Lighting Urban Communities' proposes a fundamental rethink of how we light urban public spaces. Based on the principal that city lighting is unevenly distributed, with light pollution in some tourist areas and many pockets of the city under-lit at night, the two year project looked at finding alternative lighting strategies which could revitalise overlooked urban spaces.


Chaired by Helen Hamlyn's Professor of Design, Jeremy Myerson, Megan Charnley and Tom Jarvis will present the studies research findings and then will be followed with presentations and discussions from a range of international speakers on the power of urban light to transform urban spaces. Speakers at the event are:

Mark Sutton Vane, Sutton Vane Associates
Raphael Daden, light artist and sculptor
Megan Charnley, architect and MEGAMAN research associate at the RCA
Tom Jarvis, industrial designer and MEGAMAN research associate at the RCA
A representative from LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International)

More details about the speakers

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